There are quite a few investors who do not have time or desire to manage the leasing of their properties, taking into account all the work behind it, especially when you have a demanding job and there is little free time, also those owners who reside in other countries. Many of them wonder: will it be a good idea to leave the management of my properties in the hands of a real estate agent? The answer is yes, and the benefits of doing so are several, including:

  • The main benefit of having professionals who manage your properties is that they become a relief in the day-to-day workload.
  • Debugging or evaluating tenants: the next benefit of handing over to our real estate agency the management of your properties, through our rating system we proceed to purify prospective tenants of a certain level of lease risk.
  • Professionally prepare the lease: We have the legal professional in our offices who is an expert in preparing leases with clauses that protect you and the tenant; as well as the minutes of the property -which includes an inventory of the property-, so that the tenant returns it as received.
  • Direct assistance to the tenant: our service in the management of your properties is comprehensive, freeing you from formalities or obligations (payments of electric bills, cable, internet, maintenance, cleaning, rental insurance, general repairs or hiring and supervision of technicians specialized)
  • Guarantee timely payment of rent: In addition to promoting and leasing your property as quickly as possible, we take care of collecting and managing default rates. Then, deposit your profits in the bank account indicated for it.
  • Analyze the fair value of the lease.

In conclusion, by delegating the administration of your properties in our hands, you receive your rent monthly while our staff and institution ensure the well-being of the property. So -even though you have to pay a small commission- it is the best solution for rent management, if you want to get rid of the procedures related to renting your house or apartment, enjoy free time with your loved ones and be the investor real estate you’ve always wanted.

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