Services we offer:

  • Advice and management for the purchase of real estate.
  •  Management of property sales promotion
  • Seasonal and long-term leases
  • Property management
  • Warehouse and Office Rentals
  • Comprehensive legal advice
  • Mortgage management
  • Appraisals.


Comprehensive legal advice

We are a law firm in Bávaro-Punta Cana, whose main objective is to provide you and your company with Legal Services in a timely and professional manner, making knowledge and experience available to you in different disciplines of law in the Dominican Republic. Our team of lawyers has a service philosophy founded on principles of ethics and efficiency, with the purpose of protecting and ensuring the continued development of your project / company and its transactions.

Our goal is to provide legal advice, representation and services with specialists from various branches who have the knowledge and experience for comprehensive care, problem solving, planning and implementation of your new businesses.

This firm is closely committed to our clients; We strive to understand their businesses and anticipate their needs, we analyze the relevant aspects of the environment in which they operate and we offer them our advice in a way that results in practical results. Our range of services at your disposal:

  • Review, Analysis and Preparation of Contracts.
  • Carrying out of Procedures before Administrative Authorities.
  • Management of Real Estate Administration.
  • Purification of properties to guarantee the investment. Includes Certification of the legal status of the property, no Litigation certification, real estate property tax certification and geo-referenced location of the property.
  • Tax exemption procedure before the Treasury, according to Confotur law 158-01.
  • Structuring, negotiating and holding real estate operations of any kind.
  • Constitution and modifications of condominiums (timeshare)
  • Condominium Assemblies
  • Collections against delinquent condominium owners
  • Litigation on registered rights (real estate litigation)
  • Evictions


Other services:

  • Corporate law
  • Civil
  • Real estate
  • Immigration Law
  • Of family