The Dominican Republic has become one of the best countries for real estate investment and property acquisition. Numerous construction companies and developers have been building and selling different styles of houses and apartments in recent years, especially in the eastern part of the country in Punta Cana and Bávaro. The longest part of the beach is that of Bávaro, considered by the government of the Dominican Republic as a national treasure for the wealth of its flora and fauna and for the natural beauties that are appreciated there. The beaches are of fine white sand, and the Caribbean Sea a soft greenish blue color, without reaching the turquoise of the Caribbean beaches.

In this sense, the beauty and economic growth of this area of ​​the country has attracted many investors, for which our real estate agency is in charge of carrying out all the mediation, advice and management in personalized buying and selling for companies and individuals, in order to facilitate and ensure that the entire process is carried out effectively.
We make our knowledge of the market available to our clients, find the best buyer or seller and initiate the procedures in a safe and correct way, avoiding that they may fall into deceit, economic waste and legal problems.

During the purchase and sale of a home, there are many legal needs that may arise to formalize the process. It should be noted that as specialized managers we take care of keeping those requirements covered, while the client does not have to worry, since working with them we will be in charge from the advice, personalized search of the property, the registration of the deeds until the liquidation of taxes.

It is important to keep in mind that every real estate transaction represents an important investment for anyone, so it is necessary to contact a professional who offers the agency in the purchase and sale of a home, in order to safeguard the success and legal guarantees with regarding what is being negotiated.

Why invest in Bávaro-Punta Cana?

The tourism market has established itself, but continues to grow, presenting investors, particularly those seeking rental returns, with a high-reward, low-risk opportunity.Dominican Republic is a place where an investor can obtain a high quality rental property that does not require a large initial investment. Furthermore, non-residents and foreigners have access to local bank financing.

The economy is growing, infrastructure is developing and the Dominican Republic continues to be the number one tourist destination in the Caribbean.Punta Cana was ranked as the best city for gaming and leisure above tourist destinations such as Cancun and Orlando, Florida.
Now, there is a large segment of tourists who prefer to stay in fully equipped luxury condos rather than a hotel or resort.
Furthermore, based on current rental trends, average market rental rates and projected occupancy yields of up to 15% can be achieved. And that is net.