About us

We are an entity constituted and organized in accordance with the Kings of the Dominican Republic, specialized in real estate management and legal advice, with a highly trained staff and all the availability to help our clients in the search for the best option in real estate to acquire your ideal property. Our commitment is to become true allies of our clients, putting at your disposal the best advice and guide to invest accurately and safely; providing you with constitutional legal guarantees with an emphasis on our effectiveness and customer service focused on giving constant, personalized follow-up in legal and real estate matters in the pre and post sales.


To be a support for our clients in the search for the best option to invest in real estate, either to multiply their wealth or to enjoy it together with their loved ones; comprehensively and focused on the negotiation, consulting and planning of the necessary legal guarantees.


Consolidate ourselves in the preference of clients and the Real Estate market – Legal as the best ally, based on trust, honesty and professionalism.

Our values